Welcome on my website.
I'm Colin GILLE, nickname: Congelli501. I put here all my free software. So they are open source and freely and legally downloadable.
You can find many types of programs here (small utility, games, school programs...)
But they have some common points:

In short, you will surely find a program that interest you !


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2011-09-21 at 11h 59min

Hello !

I have added a new program to my website today : Maxi Shoot 2.
This program, a game, is a full rewrite of Maxi Shoot, the first.

This new version brings a new design, some special effects which are much more realistic, a new weapon and a lot of new enemies. But the biggest change is a totally new gameplay. indeed, with Maxi Shoot 2, you chose how to improve your equipment !

Don't wait more, download it !

A special thanks to Alain Lhermitte for the design :-).

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2011-09-13 at 19h 13min

I updated PolVault today. This new version bring compatibility with the latest PlayOnLinux version (v4.x).

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2011-08-21 at 23h 23min

I have decided to make a program I created a long time ago free and open source. This program is called Devis Maker, it enables you to create nice and professional invoices and / or estimates.

You can find more information about this program on the download page of devismaker !

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2011-07-22 at 15h 07min

Hi !
Today I have released a brand new program : WinUSB.
This program, which only runs on GNU/Linux, is meant to create usb sticks containing a Windows installer from an iso image or a real Windows DVD.

So you can create your own windows installer on USB stick without running windows :-) !

Click here for more information or to download it.

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