Welcome on my website.
I'm Colin GILLE, nickname: Congelli501. I put here all my free software. So they are open source and freely and legally downloadable.
You can find many types of programs here (small utility, games, school programs...)
But they have some common points:

In short, you will surely find a program that interest you !


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2010-10-10 at 12h 28min

As you might now, a new version of Ubuntu is realised today :-). So, I will update my debian packages for this new version.

Since this website is curently hosted by a free web hosting organisation, Kelio, I can't keep debian packages of previous Ubuntu version. That's why, if you don't want to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10, you need to download the packages before I update them ^_^ !

PS: I should publish a new program soon ;-) !

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2010-08-19 at 23h 30min

As you can see, my website has changed :-):
- There is a brand new design.
- Now, you can comment the news.
- You can easily stay informed thanks to an RSS feed.

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2010-08-08 at 15h 33min

There is a new version of c501checkers. It brings a new design.

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2010-05-08 at 22h 25min

I have updated every programs. Now, they are built under Ubuntu 10.04 (for .deb packages) and I am using wxWidgets 2.8.11 on Windows.

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