Welcome on my website.
I'm Colin GILLE, nickname: Congelli501. I put here all my free software. So they are open source and freely and legally downloadable.
You can find many types of programs here (small utility, games, school programs...)
But they have some common points:

In short, you will surely find a program that interest you !


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2010-04-21 at 19h 56min

Something new: a checkers game with AI. You can play English and international rules !
Please click here to get more information about c501 checkers :-).

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2010-04-15 at 19h 15min

I created a plugin for the well known PlayOnLinux : PlayOnLinux Vault. With it, you can save and restore your applications.
You can download it here.

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2010-03-14 at 12h 05min

No new program today :-(, just a global update.
I have updated every old packages (Resistance Value, Forbidden 2 Forget and Mass Mol). And now, all packages are built under Ubuntu 9.04, moreover, they are ready to be built under Ubuntu 10.04.

If you have any problem with my programs, please post a comment on the program's page.

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2010-03-12 at 22h 20min

Today, we have two new programs (in a single packages): debtest and debfilter.

Debtest will check your installed debian packages. It will verify files existency and md5sums.

Debfilter will create a list of every files installed on your computer and compare it to the real file list.

Have fun ^_^ !

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