Download Forbidden 2 Forget (v3.0.5)

What is Forbidden 2 Forget ?

Forbidden 2 Forget screenshot

Forbidden 2 Forget is a little multi-OS program which allow its users to learn easily the English irregular verbs. Every levels are represented : 5e, 4e, 3e and 2nd (every irregular verbs).
It's really easy to use : You just have to create a verb file and to save it. Then you can start using it ! A French verb is given, and you have to fill the irregular forms (present, preterit, past participle). Each verbe must be succeeded five time.
Moreover, some statistics show your progress.

New release (3.0.5) : 2012-05-01

Binary download

You can download the Forbidden 2 Forget binary here.
Binaries are programs that can be directly used on your computer. If you just want to try or use Forbidden 2 Forget, it's a good choice.

Windows binary

If you don't know your operating system name, then you are probably on Windows.

Ubuntu PPA repository

Using the PPA is recomended since you will receive updates automaticaly from your update manager.

You only need to install the PPA (Personal Package Archives) once. In order to do that, you just need to lunch this command :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:colingille/freshlight && sudo apt-get update

Then, you can simply use this apt-url to install Forbidden 2 Forget : apt://forbidden2forget.

Linux (Debian / Ubuntu) packages

You can also download the debian package of Forbidden 2 Forget manualy if you want :

Sources download

You can download the Forbidden 2 Forget sources here.
If you just want to try or use this program, please download the binaries (it's easier)


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